9000 Trimmer/Placer Applications


Easy operation and precise machine control is automatic with GOMACO's exclusive operating system. The trimmer is powered by a 365 hp (272.3 kW) turbocharged CAT diesel engine. Operating speed is variable up to 82 fpm (25 mpm).




The 9000 trimmer provides fast and accurate cutting of the lime treated subgrade down to the final grade on this street project in Kansas. Production in removing the trimmed material is enhanced with conveyor belt speeds of 504 fpm (153.62 mpm).

Read more about this project in GOMACO World 29.2.




This 9000, with a monolithic trimmerhead, is trimming a new roadway project to grade in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.




The 9000 is the only front mounted trimmer that allows for trimming to the end of each pass or within inches of front obstacles.

Read more about this project in GOMACO World 29.2.




This 9000, equipped with a monolithic trimmerhead, is trimming the grade to the monolithic profile on this project in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.




The GOMACO 9000 places the trimmed material directly into trucks on this alley project. The 25 ft. (7.62 m) long, 30 in. (762 mm) wide rear conveyor belt is hydraulically controlled. The rear conveyor has a 120 degree swing and a hydraulic height adjustment up to 13 ft. 4.81 in. (4.08 m).




Ease in loading the trimmerhead or receiving hopper onto a trailer for transport or positioning either of these when mounting on the 9000 is achieved with the optional hydraulic pick-up arms at the front of the frame.




The 9000 has a single hydrostatic drive motor on the trimmerhead. It requires less maintenance with one drive, instead of two. It has half the circuits, half the connections and half as many hoses with the single drive. It has more trimming power for the operation with 50 percent more power to the standard trimmerhead and the tooth-tip rotational maximum speed has increased by nine percent.




The 9000 can be equipped with the sidemounted, sectional trimmerhead designed for shoulder work. The trimmerhead is capable of trimming off either side of the machine. The 9000 travels on the existing roadway and the sidemounted trimmer eliminates the problems of restricted side clearance, obstacles along the shoulder, and lack of offset or available track path outside the shoulder.




Grade sensoring with GOMACO's rolling grade ski is standard for the 9000. The versatile grade ski includes two rubber-tired casters which follow the existing grade or surface. The grade ski uses a standard sensor wand.




A quick-hitch locks the dump truck to the 9000 placer and with the truck in neutral, the 9000 will easily push the truck while it is discharging the concrete into the receiving hopper.




A digital tracking sonar sensing system is available for the 9000 trimmer. This system is ideal for second pass trimming operations. Grade referencing is achieved as the sonar sensor bounces a sound wave off an existing slab or grade.










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