Xtreme Curb and Gutter Machine




Xtreme Steering Capabilities ‒ The Commander IIIx is equipped with rotary-sensored slew drives, on each of the three tracks for extreme steering of the tracks.

- The extreme steering capabilities, combined with the Commander IIIx’s sensored All-Track Steering and sensored All-Track Positioning, make it the ultimate, intelligent slipform paver.

- The intelligent All-Track Positioning on the Commander IIIx includes a smart hydraulic cylinder on all three legs. The smart cylinders allow G+® to know the position of all three tracks and can make steering adjustments as needed.


Xtreme Intelligence ‒ Smart cylider sideshifting of the mold for repeatable mold offset.

- Intelligent offset is accomplished with smart hydraulic cylinders for telescoping the mold mounting system. This provides G+ the ability for repeatable mold off set. The trimmerhead and mold have independent vertical adjustments for raising and lowering.

Xtreme Hydraulic Package ‒ Independent hydraulic travel circuits to each track allow G+ to control each individual track speed through a radius.


Xtreme Radius ‒ Now the Commander III can pour a 24 inch (610 mm) radius.

- The Commander IIIx’s G+ control system easily interfaces with stringline or a 3D guidance system for curb and gutter and tight radius applications.

- The Commander IIIx now features the GOMACO three-sensor radius system for stringline. When paving with stringline, the lead steering wand is allowed to leave the stringline and reference is switched to sensor number two for traveling around the extreme radius.

- Individual track speed control provides smooth machine travel around a radius.


G+ Radius Software ‒ Pick your radius and G+ calibrates and manages all aspects of traveling around the radius, including track angles and individual variable track speeds.

- New G+ Radius Software for the control system allows the operator to program the size of the radius into the controller. As the Commander IIIx approaches the radius, with the values already dialed in, the operator activates the radius program, and the curb and gutter machine slipforms around the radius. It’s now easy for any operator to pour a radius.


• The operator’s platform is isolated to reduce vibration for a comfortable day of paving.

• A pivoting operator’s console allows the operator to have hands-on control and a clear view no matter where they are on the platform.

• Excellent fuel efficiency combined with an increased fuel capacity allows for an uninterrupted day of paving on the project.

• An optimized cooling package with a hydraulic fan that is controlled by G+ adapts the cooling needs to job-site conditions for both a quiet and efficient operation.

• The G+ wireless remote control is an available option for the Commander IIIx. The G+ remote control allows an operator to work from the operator’s platform or have the ability to move around the machine with hands-on control at all times.

• Commander IIIx is also available with GOMACO Remote Diagnostics (GRD) for machine troubleshooting, diagnostic reviews, software updates, and more.

• G+ ConnectTM for accessories and guidance systems.

• An optional on-board camera is available to monitor designated areas of the slipforming process. The camera can be positioned anywhere around the paver and feeds live video to the G+ display on the operator’s console.

• Designed for high-volume curb and gutter.









Designed For Safety

The Commander IIIx is carefully designed to give years of dependable and safe service. The emergency stop buttons are on the operator’s console and on the corners of the machine, which are easily accessible from the ground level. The machine is equipped with a backup alarm, which is designed to alert personnel around the machine when the tracks are set to operate in reverse. Other safety features include track guards, warning decals, operator horn, an operator’s manual, and a safety manual. GOMACO machines are also designed to provide the operator with excellent visibility over the entire paving operation.




A Tight Radius Machine


The Commander IIIx features Xtreme Intelligence with the smart hydraulic cylinders on all three of the machine’s legs. The smart cylinders allow G+ to know the position of all three tracks, so it can make steering adjustments as needed.



Extreme steering now allows the CIIIx to slipform a tight radius. The tracks on the CIIIx can be turned to extreme angles, for getting on and off stringline and maneuvering around job-site obstacles.










The new Xtreme Commander IIIx was put to work slipforming curb and gutter in a new housing development in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.



This contractor slipforms curb and gutter on a project in Las Vegas, Nevada, with their new Xtreme Commander IIIx.






Commander IIIx Introductory Specifications

Consult for options available.


Fuel reservoir: 88 gal. (333 L).
Hydraulic oil reservoir: 162 gal. (613 L).


Type: Electronic-over-hydraulic.
Controls: GOMACO’s exclusive G+® control system features self-diagnostics for grade and steering and smart steer controls for paving accuracy and ease in operation. It features multi-language, metric or imperial settings, and a 6.5 in. (165 mm) anti-glare display screen.
Control indicators: Color graphical performance indicators allow operator to monitor control signals as machine follows stringline or 3D commands.
Reverse auto control: Single switch sets controls for automated control with machine traveling in reverse.
Xtreme steering: Slew drives on each leg for turning.
Xtreme intelligence: Smart cylinders for repeatable mold offset, positioning of the legs, and slew drives for positioning of each track.
Xtreme hydraulic package: Independent track travel circuits for track speed control.
G+ radius software: Software allowing G+ to dial into the programmed size of the radius to allow for tight radius pours.


Type: High-pressure water system.
Capacity: 110 gal. (416 L) tank, hose, and nozzle.


Curb and gutter mold: One mold standard, up to 36 in. (914 mm) wide. Optional molds available for curb and gutter, monolithic sidewalk and curb and gutter, barrier, parapet, irrigation canal, and more.


Type: Hydraulically powered, motor-in-head, variable speed, independently controlled.
Quantity: Eight hydraulic circuits and four hydraulic vibrators with mounts included are standard.


Hydraulic lift: 18 in. (457 mm) pressure-compensated hydraulic vertical adjustment with 6 in. (152 mm) manual vertical adjustment, allowing up to 24 in. (610 mm) of vertical adjustment.
Sideshift distance: 36 in. (914 mm) hydraulic sideshift.


SUBGRADE TRIMMER (sectionalized)
Sectionalized trimmer: Internal hydraulic drive system and 24 in. (610 mm) diameter trimming wheel.
Trimmer wheel rotation: Upward cut.
Width: 42 in. (1067 mm) sectionalized trimmerhead includes one 24 in. (610 mm) drive section with hydraulic internal drive and 18 in. (457 mm) extension.
Sideshift and vertical adjustment: The trimmerhead mount for the three-track machine has 36 in. (914 mm) hydraulic sideshift, 18 in. (457 mm) of hydraulic vertical adjustment and 6 in. (152 mm) of manual vertical adjustment, allowing up to 24 in. (610 mm) of vertical adjustment.


Type: Hydraulically powered, reversible with charging hopper.
Length: 17.1 ft. (5.21 m) between pulley centers.
Width: 24 in. (610 mm).
Belt speed: Variable to 362 fpm (110 mpm).
Conveyor mount: 36 in. (914 mm) hydraulic slide adjustment with 6 in. (152 mm) hydraulic tilt cylinder and manual pivoting mount (slide and tilt) for negotiating discharge from the ready-mix truck and negotiating grade variations. Allows truck positioning to front or side of machine. Hydraulically powered mount controls conveyor angle.


Type: Hydraulically powered, gear-driven crawler tracks.
Track length: 5.1 ft. (1.55 m). Overall length with fenders 6 ft. (1.83 m).
Track pad width: 11.8 in. (300 mm).
Track speed: Up to 49.5 fpm (15.1 mpm) paving, and auxiliary up to 131 fpm (39.9 mpm).
Track tension: Fully automatic, hydraulically locks in on machine start-up, maintaining a steady tension on the track chain.
Leg height adjustment: Each leg adjustable in 4 in. (102 mm) increments for 28 in. (711 mm) manual adjustment with 42 in. (1067 mm) hydraulic adjustment.
Telescoping leg for positioning right front track: Hydraulically controlled, electronically sensored allows 36 in. (914 mm) lateral track adjustment range.
Power-slide leg for positioning rear track: Hydraulically controlled, electronically sensored allows 6.5 ft. (1.98 m) lateral track movement.
Power-swing leg for positioning left front track: Hydraulically controlled, electronically sensored allows track positioning from straight ahead to 33.4 in. (848 mm) to left outside of mainframe or 5.3 in. (135 mm) to right toward center of mainframe.


Overall length: 23.3 ft. (7.1 m) without conveyor.
Transport height: 8.6 ft. (2.62 m) without the mold.
Transport width: 8.5 ft. (2.59 m) without ladder.
Transport length: 27.9 ft. (8.5 m) with conveyor (measurement varies with conveyor tilt, positioning and length) and 23.3 ft. (7.1 m) without conveyor.


THREE-TRACK WEIGHT (approximate)
Standard curb and gutter machine approximate weight: 29,500 lbs. (13,381 kg).



Trimmerhead extensions.

Left-hand discharge trimmerhead.

48 in. (1219 mm) charging conveyor extension to accommodate longer conveyor requirements.

Conveyor truss assembly required on 24 ft. (7.32 m) long conveyors.

Auger provides fast and efficient concrete delivery.

Additional vibrator circuits and controls.

Slipform molds, consult factory.

Polyurethane track pads.

Wireless remote.

3D package for stringless control.

GOMACO Remote Diagnostics (GRD).

On-board camera.

Other options are available to customize machine to accommodate applications and customer needs.




Manufactured under one or more of the following U.S. or foreign patents: 5,924,817; 5,941,659; 6,099,204; 6,450,048; CA2,211,331; 7,044,680; 7,284,472; 7,517,171; 7,845,878; 7,850,395; CA2,864,902; CA2,591,177; 8,855,967; 8,682,622; 9,051,696; 9,180,909; 9,200,414; 9,404,228; 9,428,869; 9,458,581; 9,464,716; 9,541,195; and patents pending.

GOMACO and G+ are registered trademarks of GOMACO Corporation.

GOMACO Corporation reserves the right to make improvements in design, material, and/or changes in specifications at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation related to such changes. Performance data is based on averages and may vary from machine to machine.







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