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Please evaluate your needs carefully before filling out this form. Ordering for specification bulletins and brochures is available in quantities of 10, 25 or 50. If you require more than these amounts, please contact GOMACO Advertising at 712-364-3347, ext. 5253, or send an e-mail to



Equipment Brochure Number Quantity
3300 Paver 2GC
4400 Barrier Paver 3CG
GT-3400 Trimmer/Paver 0400-0A10107
Next Generation Commander III Trimmer/Paver 10GC
Xtreme Commander IIIx Curb & Gutter Machine 1GC
IDBI Commander III Attachment 6GC
GT-3600 Trimmer/Paver 0400-0A10328
Xtreme GT-3600 Curb & Gutter Machine 3GC
GT-3200 Trimmer/Paver 0400-0A10440
GT-3200 Sidewalk Paver 0399-0A10439
Commander II Trimmer/Paver 0400-0A10105
Curb Cadet Curb Machine 0300-0A10109
RCC Screed 1GC
GP3 Slipform Paver 7GC
GP4 Slipform Paver 7GC
GP-2400 Slipform Paver 0405-0A10347
GP-4000 Slipform Paver 0405-0A10350
GP-2600 Slipform Paver 0405-0A10407
Independent IDBI Attachment 1GC
Independent IDBI Attachment Step by Step 7GC
V2 Paving Mold 1GC
5400 Series Paving Mold 1GC
5400 Series Bar Inserter 405-0A10352
Hydraulic Side Bar Inserter (SBI) 405-0A10351
9500 Trimmer/Placer 0410-0A10296
Commander III Trimmer 11GC
GT-3400 Sidewalk Trimmer 11GC
GT-3400 Sidemounted Trimmer 1GC
PS-2600 Placer/Spreader 0415-0A10518
RTP-500 Rubber-Tracked Placer 1CFX3000
T/C-600, T/C-400, T/C-400B Texture/Cure 8GC
T/C-5600 Texture/Cure 4GC
GSI 0405-0A10353
G+ Remote 7GC
GRD (GOMACO Remote Diagnostics) 11GC
Cylinder Finishers, C-450, C-650, C-750, CF-790 0420-0A10133
Hawkeye Screed Concrete Finisher 0320-0A10135
Canal 0425-0A10382
RC Conveyor/Slope Conveyor 0335-0A10140
Spanit 0399-0A10314
Sensor Line Accessories 0399-0A10148
Full Line 0499-0A10150
Available For Purchase Price Quantity
Lip Balm with GOMACO logo - Assorted Colors, bag of 50 $65.00 per bag
Hand Sanitizer spray with GOMACO logo - Assorted Colors, bag of 50 $57.50 per bag
GOMACO Stylus/Ink Pens with GOMACO logo - Assorted Colors, bag of 50 $75.00 per bag








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