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The New Remote-Controlled GT-3400 Curb and Gutter Machine with Right-Side or Left-Side Pour Capabilities


GOMACO's new GT-3400 curb and gutter machine

Ida Grove, Iowa -- GOMACO is the worldwide leader in concrete paving technology. At Bauma 2007, they’ll be introducing their latest technology, the new G22 digital control system, and the new remote-controlled GT-3400 curb and gutter machine with both right-side and left-side pour capabilities. Their stand at the show will also feature the latest improvements to the four-track Commander III and GT-3600 curb and gutter machine. The Commander III will be set up to pave six meters wide and the GT-3600 will be displayed with a step safety barrier mold. Machines on the stand will feature the latest in stringless paving technology. Visit the GOMACO stand, #1210/3 in the Open Air Area F12 at Bauma 2007.

GOMACO is proud to introduce the new GT-3400 curb and gutter machine at Bauma 2007. Two will be on display, one right-side and one left-side pour. The GT-3400 is a three-track machine with all of the features that have made GOMACO the worldwide leader in concrete paving equipment, including All-Track Steering, high-speed track motors, and the patented simultaneous trim/pour feature. It also has some new and exciting features that put the GT-3400 in a class all by itself.

The GT-3400 is the first curb and gutter machine to be operated by remote control. The remote control is light weight, durable and gives the operator total freedom. The remote control is 279 mm wide, 178 mm tall, 114 mm deep and weighs only 3.1 kg. All of the necessary functions, including vibrator adjustment and an emergency stop, are built into the remote’s small package. The remote is powered by a nine volt, off-the-shelf Makita battery, which makes the battery easy to replace if necessary.

The Bauma GT-3400s are the first in the GOMACO line to feature the new G22 digital controller. The G22 features a dual-language option to display the various control screens in the major languages of the world. Its newly designed icons and color graphics make it easy to understand and identify the various machine functions. The new G22 will be featured on the two GT-3400s, the Commander III, and an operational pedestal display in the GOMACO stand at Bauma.

The GT-3400 features an all new three-track footprint with All-Track Steering. The new footprint features two close tracks on one side and a single track on the other. The design was chosen for tight turning radius capabilities, getting on and off stringline fast, and the design minimizes machine length. With the front track positioned beside the mold and behind the trimmerhead, the GT-3400 is capable of slipforming right up to an object or to the end of the stringline. The trimmerhead simply has to be sideshifted and lifted up out of the way allowing the machine to pave up to the end of the pass.

The GT-3400’s direct-drive trimmerhead is the most powerful on the market today. The radial piston hydraulic motor directly drives the trimmerhead. The trimmer’s closed-loop hydraulic circuit and radial piston motor provide 28,684 inch-pounds of torque at the trimmerhead. The 610 mm diameter trimmer is equipped with Kennametal teeth, and the sectionalized trimmer’s width can be varied from 762 mm to 1981 mm.

The GT-3400 has a direct-drive, 356 mm diameter, charging auger to deliver concrete to the mold. The auger was chosen because it minimizes the overall length of the machine. The auger hydraulically slides to minimize the transport width. It slides down for hopper positioning and receiving concrete from the trucks, and it slides up to reduce transport width.

Changing molds is quick and easy with the Hook-and-Go mold mount system. The operator simply has to drive the GT-3400 up to the mold, hook the mount to a special attachment plate on the mold and lower the hold-down. The operator then hydraulically lifts the mold and goes back to work slipforming the project.

The versatile GT-3400 is powered by a 94.7 kW electronic-controlled Caterpillar® diesel engine with a remote mounted cooling package. The engine, coupled with the state-of-the-art hydraulic circuitry, results in the most fuel-efficient horsepower to work-performed ratio in the industry. The cooling package fan is driven by a hydraulic motor which allows the G22 controller to vary the fan speed to match the cooling demand. This results in less engine horsepower dedicated to the fan and a quieter operation.

The GOMACO G22 and exclusive “smart” cylinders provide simple push-button steering setup on the GT-3400. The cylinders are attached to a new style of leg. GOMACO engineers have designed a new piston-style leg that acts like a cylinder. The legs have bearings on both ends of the inner tube, so there is no steel-on-steel contact. A keyway is utilized for steering control and adjusting wear pads is a thing of the past with the new legs.

Two-speed track motors provide fast job-site mobility up to 38 mpm. It’s one of the fastest tracking speeds in the industry.

The new GT-3400 has been designed to be a multi-application machine, and will slipform right-side or left-side curb and gutter, tight radius, safety barrier, bridge parapet, sidewalk, recreational paths and flat slabs up to 1.8 m wide. Contractors can pave with either stringline or go stringless. The G22 controls interface with stringless technology/3D control systems.

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