Press Release


GOMACO Will Bring a World of Firsts to Bauma 2010 in Munich, Germany


The GOMACO four-track Commander III was chosen for this tunnel project in Germany.

Munich, Germany-- GOMACO will bring the world a series of “firsts” at Bauma 2010. The new IDBI attachment, on a Commander III four-track, will be introduced to the international market. GOMACO will have a display devoted to tunnel paving with the Commander III. The C-450 cylinder finisher for flat and slope paving will make its first appearance at an international exhibition. Concrete barrier wall, both right-side and left-side pour, will be displayed on a three-track and a four-track Commander III. Rounding out the display is a GT-3600 set up to slipform above-ground water channel. All of this and more will be on display in GOMACO’s stand in the Open Air Area F12, Stand #1210/3, at Bauma 2010.

The new IDBI attachment is an independent unit providing dowel bar insertion behind a GOMACO paver for transverse joints. The attachment is powered by its own C4.4, Tier 3, diesel Caterpillar® engine. No power or hydraulics is needed from the paver’s engine. A CAN cable connects the IDBI’s controls to the controller on the paver and allows the two systems to communicate. GOMACO engineers have designed a bar insertion concept and created an independent attachment that is self-contained and self-powered. The design features a new IDBI tray that is stronger, more compact and makes width changes easier. New adjustable-height bar extractors allow contractors to quickly and easily change the setup for different bar sizes for insertion requirements. The IDBI controls have all been designed in-house by GOMACO controls engineers. Its new GOMACO G+ control system features the same graphical display as the award-winning G22 controller, with easy to learn and easy to understand controls. The IDBI information is presented in full color, commands are presented in full text, and it is able to operate in two or more languages, by customer’s choice. The IDBI attachment is available for all new four-track GOMACO slipform pavers, from paving lanes or shoulders as narrow as three meters (10 ft) wide with the four-track Commander III, to expressways as wide as 15.2 meters (50 ft) with the GOMACO GP-4000.

Water conservation through the construction of canals and waterways has become an important topic around the world, especially in developing countries. Concrete is a green and environmentally-friendly option to build these canals. GOMACO offers both cylinder finishers and slipform pavers that can be built to match each canal’s specific design/build specification. The GOMACO C-450 for both flat and slope finishing will be displayed. It is capable of finishing widths from 2.7 meters (9 ft) up to 31.7 meters (104 ft) and slopes up to 1:1 (45 degrees). GOMACO will continue to showcase their canal versatility at Bauma 2010 with a GT-3600 set up to slipform an above-ground water channel. GOMACO pavers are capable of slipforming the smaller channels, as well as slopes up to 22 meters (71 ft) wide.

Concrete barrier walls are the proven choice for crossover protection on the world’s main thoroughfares. GOMACO will feature a three-track and a four-track Commander III in the GOMACO stand, both equipped with barrier molds. The three-track Commander III will be left-side pour, while the four-track will be right-side pour, with both showcasing the extreme versatility of the machine. The four-track features some unique design options that allow the right-side capabilities. Its folding conveyor is built with both horizontal and vertical hydraulic movement allowing it to be placed on either side of the machine to receive the concrete. Mold mounts are located on both sides of the Commander III and a clamp system on the mold allows easy attachment to the mount. The mold’s mounting beam has 300 millimeters (11.8 in) of offset built into it to correctly position the mold for the pour.

Rounding out the GOMACO stand will be a tunnel display featuring the unique profiles a Commander III is capable of slipforming inside the tight constraints of a tunnel. The Commander III is the contractor preferred and job-proven machine for tunnel profiles, which include track bed, emergency walkway, slotted drain, “U” channel, and other profiles to accommodate assorted pipes and electrical cable.

GOMACO Corporation ( is the worldwide leader in concrete construction equipment with headquarters in Ida Grove, Iowa. GOMACO equipment will slipform concrete streets and highways, airport runways, curb and gutter, sidewalks and recreational trails, safety barrier, bridge parapet, and irrigation canals. Support equipment includes grade trimmers, concrete placers, concrete placer/spreaders, and texturing and curing machines. We also offer equipment to finish flat slabs, bridges, and slopes. GOMACO will consult on equipment for large or unique concrete paving projects. GOMACO products are offered through a worldwide distributor network for local sales, parts and service expertise.