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GOMACO’s T/C-5600 Four-Track Texture/Cure Machine for Widths up to 56 Feet (17 m)


GOMACO’s four-track T/C-5600 texture/cure machine features 90 degree tracks and widths up to 56 feet (17 m). It was on display in the GOMACO booth at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014.

Ida Grove, Iowa – GOMACO featured their T/C-5600 texture/cure machine as part of the largest spread of concrete slipform paving equipment at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014. GOMACO’s newest texture/cure machine features four crawler tracks, the exclusive G+® control system, and widths up to 56 feet (17 m). The all new four-track design with 90 degree turn capability allows easy width changes and easy transport, while G+ provides electronic-over-hydraulic steering and grade control for ultimate accuracy.

The magic behind the easy width changes is the T/C-5600’s new walking end car with cure tank. Frame sections can be added or removed by turning the machine’s tracks 90 degrees and walking the end car with attached cure tank to the required width. Frame inserts are available in four foot (1.2 m), eight foot (2.4 m), and 12 foot (3.7 m) lengths. The frame design has the structural integrity to go up to 56 feet (17 m) wide.

The new T/C-5600 offers unparalleled tining depth accuracy with the all new GOMACO Tracer Texture Control. A sonic sensor traces the slab with the transverse travel of the tining broom. The tining depth is controlled by hydraulic height adjustment on the broom carriage. The two working together provide accurate tining depth, eliminate rail adjustments, and also eliminate the need for a power transition adjustor (PTA). Tracer Texture Control also works with transition adjustments required for longitudinal tining.

With G+ ConnectTM on-board, the new T/C-5600 can operate on stringline for steering and grade control or use other control methods available from the GOMACO sensor library, or 3D stringless control. G+ control allows easy changing of travel modes, switching from operational to transport.

The T/C-5600 was designed to be easy to transport. The tracks turn 90 degrees for easy loading onto a low-boy trailer and the spray bar and work bridge assembly hydraulically folds up for a transport width of 9.7 feet (3 m).

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