Press Release


GOMACO Introduces the New Paver-Mounted GSI®, the Paving Contractor's Tool


Two paver-mounted GSI units monitor the smoothness of the new concrete slab. The information is instantly displayed and reviewed on a single touch-screen monitor mounted on the side of this GOMACO GHP-2800 paver.

Ida Grove, Iowa – GOMACO is experiencing an increased demand for the new paver-mounted GSI® (GOMACO Smoothness Indicator) as a tool for paving contractors checking their rideability on-the-go. GOMACO will introduce new hardware and software for this paving contractor’s tool at World of Concrete 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The paver-mounted GSI will be displayed on a GOMACO GP-2400 two-track slipform paver.

The new paver-mounted GSI will feature new durable hardware with a wider, seven inch (178 mm) diagonal touch-screen monitor, and a new adjustable mount for achieving the optimum viewing angle. A single CAN-based connection is all that is now needed to the screen, reducing cable runs and connections while adding versatility to the adjustable screen mount. WiFi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity will also be added to the new model to provide wireless printing and wireless downloading and uploading capabilities from a laptop. Behind the scene software enhancements will include easier setup and troubleshooting guides, as well as new user-friendly screens for data visualization.

The paver-mounted GSI provides immediate smoothness readings, right out of the paver, and displays these readings on the touch-screen monitor so they can be viewed instantly. The GS traces the slab and takes smoothness readings simultaneously from three different sensors on each trace. The GSI can trace up to eight wheel tracks, for a total of four lanes in a single pass. The GSI trace over the new slab will provide smoothness readings in multiple indexes, including the GSI number, IRI, PI (profile index based on the California profilograph), or it can be exported as an .erd file to create several other indexes. The indexes are derived from the true profile of the surface, determined by the data collected. These indexes are viewed and monitored on the GSI’s touch-screen monitor. The on-the-go surface smoothness information includes station and footage documentation for later reference of bump and smoothness locations. The GSI’s bump alarm can be set with project parameters. If a bump occurs during paving that is out of parameter, a bump warning is displayed and the bump’s station location is marked on the graph for exact reference.

The GSI’s feedback allows on-the-go adjustments to fine-tune the paving operation. Contractors instantly know how changes to a number of different paving variables directly affect the quality of the ride. Instant results eliminates having to wait until the cured concrete has been profilographed to see how the variables affected ride.

The GSI is also available as a mobile unit, providing the same smoothness monitoring and quality assurance as a paver-mounted GSI. It also can be outfitted with GSIToolsTM, GOMACO’s software application that performs post processing of exported GSI trace data. With GSITools, the GSI can be used in a variety of applications, including the Grade Analysis Tool, which can build a profile of the grade and estimate the concrete yield of the project. The GSI Survey Tool is a new application. A GSI trace over an existing roadway can provide data for a 3D model in an overlay application. The GSI will collect the data with multiple traces (up to eight) in a single pass. This single pass with the GSI on the project totally eliminates the tedious handwork of two survey engineers and provides an accurate visualization of an existing roadway for a 3D model to be used for stringless paving of an overlay project.

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