Press Release


GOMACO Introduces the New RCC Telescoping Screed at World of Concrete 2009


A GOMACO RCC screed, attached to an RTP-500, places RCC concrete on a project in Indiana.

Ida Grove, Iowa -- GOMACO introduced the new telescoping roller-compacted concrete (RCC) screed at World of Concrete 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The telescoping capabilities of the RCC screed add another element of versatility to create the ultimate variable width concrete paver for the harsh, zero-slump, high-density RCC mix design. It’s the contractor’s answer to an RCC paver that will provide compaction, and uniformity in density and strength at variable widths for roller-compacted concrete.

The new GOMACO RCC screed features independent 14 inch (356 mm) dual augers to spread the material. A high-compaction, dual tamper bar system with variable speed control provides the necessary initial compaction for uniform density and strength across the pavement. The variable control of vibration to the screed ensures proper compaction and finish to the surface. The screed is capable of paving variable slab depths with a hydraulic crown adjustment to meet the project’s design specifications. Grade or elevation for the GOMACO RCC screed can be controlled through the tow point cylinder in several ways, including 3D stringless, laser, sonic, stringline or manual. The screed was also designed for serviceability. All of the RCC screed’s wearable items were designed for fast replacement. Removable covers on the screed and its front strike-off wall allow easy access to maintenance points.

The RCC screed attached to the GOMACO RTP-500 rubber-tracked placer provides a durable paver capable of handling RCC mix designs. The GOMACO-designed auger-style receiving hopper on the RTP-500 is the largest in the industry and features a working capacity of 4.75 cubic yards (3.63 m3). A new hose hanger allows the bucket to be removed for fast and easy conveyor cleanout without having to disconnect any hoses. A 14 inch (356 mm) diameter auger, with speeds up to 80 rpm, quickly moves the material to the high-speed transfer conveyor. Shaft-mounted eccentric vibrators provide vibration for emptying the hopper after each load and increased material flowability. A 36 inch (914 mm) wide transfer conveyor, with increased throat clearance, moves material to the rear at speeds up to 484 fpm (148 mpm). The RTP-500 is propelled by a friction-drive track system with a travel speed up to nine miles per hour (14.5 kph) for job-site mobility and an operating speed up to 110 feet per minute (33.5 mpm). The operator’s platform can be positioned in one of five locations for the ultimate in visibility. The RCC screed attachment adds to the versatility of the RTP-500. Together, they are the ultimate placer for concrete, asphalt or other material.

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