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GOMACO’s Newest Technology Will Be Featured at World of Concrete 2015


The GOMACO GT-3200 sidewalk paver with 3D machine guidance is at work on a new 12 foot (3.7 m) wide bike path in Georgia.

Ida Grove, Iowa – GOMACO’s display at World of Concrete 2015 will feature the G+® advantage and their newest paving, curb and gutter, and bridge deck technology. The GOMACO booth will be located in the Central Hall, #C5146, of the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 3-6, 2015.

GOMACO’s Next Generation Commander III will make its World of Concrete debut in 2015 as a three-track barrier machine and a four-track paver. The Next Generation Commander III’s new design is all about vision, safety, and performance, and is driven by the new GOMACO G+ control system and the new Tier 4 engines. It features a redesigned frame and operator’s platform with a new pivoting operator’s control console. The pivoting console allows the operator to have hands-on control and ultimate visibility no matter what application is being slipformed or what the direction of travel. The operator’s platform is now isolated to eliminate vibration. It’s also quieter to work on the platform or around the machine. The Commander III has a new optimized cooling package with the hydraulic fan controlled by G+ to adapt cooling needs to job-site conditions for both a quiet and efficient operation. It has improved fuel efficiency with a power-optimized engine and load-sensed hydraulic circuits. Excellent fuel efficiency combined with an increased fuel capacity allows an uninterrupted day of paving on the project. G+ controls will also accommodate telematics for remote engine and machine monitoring. G+ ConnectTM easily interfaces with 3D guidance systems. It’s all part of the power and limitless potential of the exclusive, GOMACO G+ control system.

The GOMACO GT-3600 will be featured set up as a high-production curb and gutter machine utilizing 3D guidance. The GT-3600’s unique design, combined with the GOMACO-exclusive G+ control system and G+ Connect, allows the curb and gutter machine to easily slipform tight radii. The GT-3600 also has All-Track Steering (ATS) allowing all three of the tracks to be steered and turned accordingly as they move through each individual radius. Other design considerations on the GT-3600 also make it the ideal curb and gutter machine. These features include operator station visibility and a tethered remote that allows the operator the ability to move around the station, large capacity concrete hopper, mold positioning, and so much more.

Sidewalk paving will be showcased with the GOMACO GT-3200 sidewalk paver. It will be equipped with a trimmerhead for fine grade trimming and a trailing sidewalk mold. The zero-clearance sidewalk paver has a 20 inch (508 mm) wide, 14 foot (4.3 m) long, hydraulic pivoting and folding conveyor. The conveyor’s extra-long reach allows ready-mix trucks to discharge from the street instead of having to drive over existing curb. The conveyor can rotate 180 degrees to allow for easy loading of concrete into the hopper from either side of the paver. When the GT-3200 paves up to obstacles such as light poles and trees, the ground person can swing and fold the conveyor to slipform past the obstacle. The conveyor can also be raised without being folded to avoid smaller obstacles like fire hydrants and utility boxes. The GT-3200 sidewalk paver features All-Track Steering, which saves time getting on and off stringline, allows better job-site mobility, and ease in loading and unloading for transport. It can be transported without removing either the trimmerhead or sidewalk paving mold.

Discover the advantages of a 3D guidance system on a GOMACO paver or curb and gutter machine. All of the pavers in the GOMACO booth will feature a 2D or 3D guidance system. GOMACO’s G+ control system has an entire library of sensor capabilities for controlling slope, grade and steer with set-up configurations for any project requirement. The G+ control system seamlessly integrates with the major 3D guidance systems, including Topcon, Leica Geosystems, and Trimble. It’s as simple as connecting with G+ Connect. GOMACO’s 3D team will be at World of Concrete ready to discuss 3D paving applications.

GOMACO Corporation ( is the worldwide leader in concrete construction equipment with headquarters in Ida Grove, Iowa, USA. GOMACO equipment will slipform concrete streets and highways, airport runways, curb and gutter, sidewalks and recreational trails, safety barrier, bridge parapet, and irrigation canals. Support equipment includes grade trimmers, concrete placers, concrete placer/spreaders, and texturing and curing machines. The company also offers equipment to finish flat slabs, bridges, and slopes. GOMACO will consult on unique concrete paving applications and equipment needs. Products are offered through a worldwide distributor network for local sales, parts and service expertise.