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• Hydraulically adjustable dual mold for various paving widths

• Separate mold control for the right and left side

• Features dual PTAs for crown height adjustment

• Telescoping plow framework to accommodate width changes

• Available with a curb profile on one or both sides for municipal paving

• V2 has been designed to adapt to virtually any paver/prime mover in the field today

• On-the-go paving of tapered slabs

• Optional auto-width adjustment package provides sensored control of on-the-go paving width changes.


The versatile GOMACO V2 is a dual mold system that is hydraulically adjustable for paving at different widths. The V2 makes width changes fast and simple and will even make on-the-go width changes for tapered slabs.

The configuration of the front and rear molds dictates the minimum and maximum paving widths and the amount of total width variation. It features separate mold control for the left and right side. It is also available with a curb profile on one or both sides for municipal paving.

The V2 sectionalized mold system includes a spreader-plow with hydraulic vertical movement to control the head of concrete in front of the mold. The plow telescopes with the machine framework to accommodate the width change. The GOMACO V2 paving mold was developed to adapt to virtually any paver operating in the field today.











GOMACO V2 Hydraulically Adjustable Dual Concrete Slipform Paving Mold
4 minutes 3 seconds



Mold Options For GOMACO V2 Hydraulically Adjustable Dual Concrete Slipform Paving Mold
2 minutes 20 seconds







Spreader-Plow Operation: A single control box provides all spreader-plow functions. The machine operator has the option of three automatic modes, plow left, plow right, and plow both directions. The operator can also set the vertical plow depth adjustment and the plow will return to the set depth after each automatic up cycle. The maximum plow depth is 20 in. (508 mm). A joystick controller is provided to manually operate all plow functions if needed. A rotary control changes the horizontal speed of the plow up to 150 fpm (45.7 mpm).




The plow framework telescopes with width changes. Lateral travel and vertical plow control can be operated manually or set on automatic. Three proximity switches provide horizontal directional control of the spreader-plow. A single switch is set at each end of the desired plow travel. An intermediate switch is provided to shorten the plow travel if the front mold is sideshifted in to reduce the paving width. The operator flips the auxiliary proxy switch on the plow control box to enable the intermediate switch. The spreader-plow carriage rails telescopes out with the machine frame. The plow drive chain length always remains constant and no adjustment is necessary when extending or retracting the machine frame.




Vibrator Positioning Option: The front mold uses a vibrator positioning system similar to other GOMACO paving molds. The common vibrator mount pipe rotates to provide up to 5 in. (127 mm) of vertical vibrator positioning adjustment. The rear mold utilizes individual removable mount arms that go over the top of the mold. The arms and vibrators can be added or removed as an individual package to suit the mold width requirement. A mold mounted rack pivots the arms up to provide up to 10 in. (254 mm) of vertical vibrator positioning adjustment.




The V2 molds feature dual power transition adjusters (PTAs), the same PTA design as GOMACO mainline pavers, for crown height adjustments. The direct acting PTA height indicator is standard on all V2 paving molds. Another feature is the optional paving mold remote controls that allow ground personnel to control mold functions during mold setup or while paving. Individual remotes are available for the left PTA, right PTA, front frame extension, rear frame extension, and front mold sideshift.






Optional Auto-Width Adjustment Package

This option features hydraulic proportional control to change the width of the mold while paving, to produce a tapered slab.

Stringline is set to follow the desired tapered slab and sensors on the paver use that stringline to control cylinders for extending the frame and side-shifting the mold. The operator, with a switch of a button, turns the system to automatic when approaching a width transition and the mold adjusts to the new paving width automatically.

This is a stand-alone package that can be installed on any GOMACO paver with the V2 paving mold.





A guideline was painted on the grade in this pour to guide the operator in extending the mold from 12 ft. (3.66 m) to 14 ft. (4.27 m) wide.





The V2 has two molds that are hydraulically adjustable. The configuration of the front and rear molds dictates the amount of total width variation.





The GOMACO exclusive control system and "smart" cylinders on the Commander III make it easy to steer and load the machine with the legs swung outboard.





The plow is hinged and can be locked up in place for minimal shipping width.





Sectionalized Mold Design: The front and rear molds are totally sectionalized. The minimum paving width is 7 ft. 10 in. (2.39 m) and the maximum paving width is 20 ft. 3 in. (6.17 m) with the proper inserts installed.











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Download The V2 Paving Mold Brochure (PDF)

Download The GOMACO Full Line Brochure (PDF)

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