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2023 Press Releases

GOMACO Appoints IGARRETA Maquinas S.A. as New Distributor for Argentina - (11-2023)

GOMACO Appoints Scott Pedersen New Vice President of Engineering/Research and Development - (04-2023)

GOMACO Introduces the Revolutionary GP460: up to a 50 foot (15.2 m) Wide Placer/Spreader and up to a 40 foot (12.2 m) Wide Slipform Paver - (03-2023)

GOMACO Announces the Death of Gary L. Godbersen, Company’s President, CEO and Cofounder - (01-2023)

GOMACO Appoints Brad Zobel as New Sales Manager for the United States and Canada - (01-2023)

GOMACO Appoints Stuart Hemmings New General Manager of GOMACO International Ltd. - (01-2023)




2022 Press Releases

GOMACO Appoints AWP s.r.o. as New Distributor for the Czech Republic - (10-2022)

GOMACO Appoints Rodney Harper District Manager for the Southeast United States - (07-2022)

GOMACO Appoints AMAGO Sp.zo.o as New Distributor for Poland - (06-2022)

GOMACO Introduces New Savvy Concrete Paving Technology at World of Concrete 2022 - (01-2022)

GOMACO Introduces the World’s First Battery-Powered Slipform Curb Machine - (01-2022)





2021 Press Releases

Kelly Steeves is GOMACO’s New Managing Director for Asia-Pacific Region - (04-2021)





2020 Press Releases

Kelly Krueger Named GOMACO Advertising Manager - (04-2020)

GOMACO Appoints New Distributors for Bolivia, Mexico, and Peru - (03-2020)

GOMACO Will Defend Ron Guntert’s Legal Threat Against the Company - (03-2020)

GOMACO’s Xtreme Line of Concrete Curb and Gutter Pavers on Display at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 - (03-2020)

GOMACO Will Introduce the Navigator, New Paver Software and Ground Level Display, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 - (03-2020)

GOMACO Reinvents its Compact Curb Machine, the Curb Cadet - (03-2020)

GOMACO Introduces the Revolutionary GP360 Placer/Spreader Slipform Paver - (03-2020)

GOMACO Appoints MAQUINTER as New Distributor for Mexico - (03-2020)

GOMACO Introduces New High-Production Screed for Widths up to 104 Feet (31.7 m) - (01-2020)

GOMACO: Dedicated to Concrete – Dedicated to You With a Full-Line of Curb and Gutter Concrete Pavers - (01-2020)





2019 Press Releases

GOMACO Offers its First-Ever Diecast Models for Sale at - (11-2019)

GOMACO Equipment on Display in the Schwing Stetter (India) Pvt. Ltd. Stand at Excon 2019 - (11-2019)

GOMACO University Announces New Training Schedule for 2020 Season - (10-2019)

GOMACO Appoints Bescon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as New Distributor for Thailand - (09-2019)

GOMACO Appoints FIZA S.A.S. as New Distributor for Colombia - (09-2019)

Summer Returns to Ida Grove for GOMACO Invitational #38 - (09-2019)

GOMACO Appoints Jinco, LLC, as New Distributor for Nebraska - (06-2019)

GOMACO Appoints Yancey Bros. Co., as New Distributor for Georgia - (06-2019)

Students Train at GOMACO University During Down Time - (05-2019)

GOMACO Will Bring a Fun New Spin to Bauma 2019 with Zero-Turn Pavers - (02-2019)

GOMACO dará un giro divertido e innovador a Bauma 2019 con las pavimentadoras de giro cero - (03-2019)

GOMACO bringt mit Zero-Turn-Fertigern eine interessante Neuheit mit zur Bauma 2019 - (03-2019)

GOMACO apportera un tour nouveau et ludique au salon Bauma 2019 avec ses bétonnières zéro tour - (03-2019)

GOMACO darà al Bauma 2019 un nuovo taglio dinamico con le finitrici stradali a raggio di sterzata zero - (03-2019)

GOMACO to Offer First Diecast Models in Fall 2019 - (01-2019)





2018 Press Releases

GOMACO is Offering an “Earn While You Learn” Welding Program - (12-2018)

GOMACO Appoints Aggregate Equipment as New Distributor for the Atlantic Provinces of Canada - (11-2018)

GOMACO University Announces a New Director and New Schedule for 2019 Season - (11-2018)

GOMACO’s Xtreme GT-3600 Curb and Gutter Machine on Display at World of Concrete for First Time Ever - (11-2018)

Patrick Zanen Goes to GOMACO - (10-2018)

GOMACO Will Display the 3300 Multi-Application Paver Designed for the European Market at Intermat 2018 - (03-2018)

GOMACO va présenter la bétonnière polyvalente 3300 conçue pour le marché européen lors du salon Intermat 2018 - (03-2018)

FIZAMAQ Cia. Ltda. Named New GOMACO Distributor for Ecuador - (03-2018)

GOMACO Introduces the New Commander II at World of Concrete 2018 - (01-2018)

GOMACO will Feature its Latest Curb and Gutter Technology at World of Concrete 2018 - (01-2018)

GOMACO Introduces the Two-Track GP3 for Contractors Who Prefer Two-Track Pavers - (01-2018)

New GOMACO GP4 Goes to Work on an Arizona Runway - (01-2018)

GOMACO Appoints Carter Machinery Company, Inc., as New Distributor for Virginia - (01-2018)





2017 Press Releases

GOMACO Appoints HMA Equipment Company of Canada as New Distributor for Province of Ontario - (11-2017)

2018 GOMACO University Course Schedule now Available Online at - (11-2017)

GOMACO will Feature its Latest Curb and Gutter Technology at World of Concrete 2018 - (10-2017)

GOMACO Appoints New Sales Representative for India - (08-2017)

Topcon Announces Concrete Paving ‘Roadshow’ in Montana - (06-2017)

Schwing Stetter India partners with GOMACO USA to foray into the Concrete Paving industry in India - (04-2017)

GOMACO Introduces the Three-Track Commander IIIx for Extreme Radii - (03-2017)

New Remote Control Now Available on GOMACO Machines with G+® Control - (03-2017)

New GOMACO GP4 Slipform Paver Introduced at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 - (03-2017)

GOMACO Remote Diagnostics (GRD), So Much More Than Telematics - (03-2017)





2016 Press Releases

GOMACO Introduces the Three-Track Commander IIIx for Extreme Radii - (11-2016)

New Remote Control Now Available on GOMACO Machines with G+ - (10-2016)

GOMACO Appoints Logan Mohr District Sales Manager for the Western United States - (10-2016)

GOMACO Expands Brockman’s Territory to Now Include All of Canada - (10-2016)

GOMACO International Ltd. Appoints Hakan Bulur as New Regional Sales Consultant - (10-2016)

GOMACO Appoints Wheeler Machinery as New Distributor for Utah and Northeast Nevada - (07-2016)

GOMACO Expands Cleveland Brothers Territory in Pennsylvania - (07-2016)

GOMACO Appoints MATRA for Costa Rica - (04-2016)

GOMACO Appoints BODO International GmbH & Company for Germany, Austria and Switzerland - (04-2016)

Topcon Announces Robotic-Based System For Concrete Paving - (02-2016)

GOMACO Introduces the 3300, the World’s Most Intelligent Multi-Application Paver - (02-2016)

GOMACO Introduces New Lightweight Telescoping 3D Masts - (02-2016)

GOMACO Creates World’s First 3D-Controlled Bridge Deck Finisher - (02-2016)

Francisco Ortega Named New GOMACO Managing Director for Latin America - (02-2016)

GOMACO Introduces the GP3, the World’s Most Intelligent Paver - (01-2016)

GOMACO Introduces the GP3, the World’s Most Intelligent Concrete Paver at Bauma 2016 - (01-2016)





2015 Press Releases

Godbersen Awarded Most Prestigious Concrete Paving Honor - (12-2015)

Registration is Open for 2016 GOMACO University School Year - (11-2015)

Trimble Announces Placer/Spreader Machine Control for Improved Paving Productivity and Less Material Waste - (09-2015)

GOMACO Appoints Monark Equipment Corporation for Philippines - (07-2015)

GOMACO Expresses Gratitude and Community Pride in Celebrating Their First 50 Years - (05-2015)

Parisi Construction Company Is The First Wisconsin Contractor To Go Stringless - (05-2015)

Randy Bean Named GOMACO’s Director of International Sales - (05-2015)

GOMACO’s Four-Track Next Generation Commander III Introduced at World of Concrete 2015 - (04-2015)

GOMACO Appoints Clark Equipment NSW for Australia and MRCM Co. Ltd. for Korea - (04-2015)

GOMACO’s GT-3600 with G+® Controller and Topcon mmGPS 3D for Tight Radii Curb and Gutter Island Paving - (02-2015)

GOMACO’s Newest Technology Will Be Featured at World of Concrete 2015 - (01-2015)

GOMACO’s Next Generation Commander III to Make World of Concrete Debut - (01-2015)





2014 Press Releases

GOMACO Appoints Rimco Inc. for Puerto Rico and Lesser Antilles - (07-2014)

GOMACO Appoints Roots Equipment and Material Limited for Nigeria - (07-2014)

GOMACO’s T/C-5600 Four-Track Texture/Cure Machine for Widths up to 56 Feet (17 m) - (02-2014)

GOMACO Exhibits Largest Spread of Concrete Slipform Paving Equipment at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 - (02-2014)

GOMACO’s GP-2400 Adds Easy Width Changing Capability with V2 Variable Width Mold - (01-2014)

GOMACO Introduces Next Generation Commander III at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 - (01-2014)

GOMACO to Showcase the Benefits of G+® at World of Concrete 2014 - (01-2014)





2013 Press Releases

GOMACO’s 9500 Trimmer with Exclusive G+® Introduced at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 - (12-2013)

GOMACO University Announces New School Year Schedule for GOMACO Products and 3D - (11-2013)

GOMACO Names New Service and Warranty Manager and New District Sales Manager - (10-2013)

GOMACO Appoints Travis Brockman District Sales Manager for Northeast United States and Eastern Canada - (10-2013)

GOMACO Appoints Montreal Tractor Inc. for Province of Quebec - (10-2013)

GOMACO's G+ ConnectTM Unveiled at World of Concrete for the GHP-2800 and Mainline Paving - (02-2013)

GOMACO's New GT-3200 Zero-Clearance Sidewalk Paver Specifically for Rehabilitation Projects - (02-2013)

GOMACO Will Introduce the GHP-2800 Slipform Paver with Powerful G+ ConnectTM to the World Market at Bauma 2013 - (01-2013)





2012 Press Releases

GOMACO's G+ ConnectTM will be Unveiled at World of Concrete for the GHP-2800 and Mainline Paving - (10-2012)

GOMACO Appoints Chieftain for Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada (08-2012)

GOMACO to Exhibit at Concrete Show 2012, August 29-31, in São Paulo, Brazil (07-2012)

GOMACO Appoints Distributor in Tennessee (05-2012)

GOMACO Distributors Appointed in Argentina and Brazil (05-2012)

GOMACO Appoints New Distributors in North Carolina and South Carolina (04-2012)

GOMACO's Rear Loading 5400 Series Bar Inserter Now Available on 3100 and 5000 Series Molds (04-2012)

3D Stringless and IDBI Classes Part of a Successful 2012 Season for GOMACO University (03-2012)

GOMACO's Versatile 9500 Now Available with Optional Folding Rear Conveyor Belt (03-2012)

GOMACO's 4400 Barrier Paver, Designed Specifically for the International Market, will be on Display at Intermat 2012 (01-2012)

GOMACO Introduces the New Paver-Mounted GSI®, the Paving Contractor’s Tool (01-2012)

The GOMACO C-450 with Transitional Framework–The Versatility of Two Finishers in One (01-2012)





2011 Press Releases

GOMACO 4400 Barrier Paver for Right-Side and Left-Side Slipforming to Make World of Concrete Debut (11-2011)

GOMACO Introduces the All New 4400, the Ultimate Barrier Machine (03-2011)

GOMACO Introduces the GP-2400, the New Economical Slipform Paver (03-2011)

GOMACO Introduces the G+ Multi-Language Control System, the Next Generation of Machine Control (03-2011)

World Leaders in the Concrete Paving Industry Join Forces - Leica Geosystems and GOMACO Corporation Form New Business Relationship (01-2011)





2010 Press Releases

GOMACO to Introduce New Economical Slipform Paver at World of Concrete 2011 (10-2010)

GOMACO Will Bring a World of Firsts to Bauma 2010 in Munich, Germany (03-2010)

GOMACO Introduces the Commander III with new IDBI Attachment to the World Market (03-2010)

GOMACO Showcases New Paving Concepts at World of Concrete 2010 (01-2010)

Stringless Curb and Gutter is Here! (01-2010)

GOMACO Introduces the New 5400 Series Mold and Bar Inserter at World of Concrete 2010 (01-2010)

GOMACO GP-4000 Chosen to Slipform John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Bay Runway (01-2010)

GOMACO’s New Independent IDBI Attachment for a New Decade of Concrete Paving (01-2010)





2009 Press Releases

GOMACO Introduces the New IDBI Attachment for the Commander III Four-Track Paver (01-09)

GOMACO Introduces the New RCC Telescoping Screed at World of Concrete 2009 (01-09)

New Generation GT-3200 Adds Safety Barrier to its List of Slipform Applications (01-09)

GOMACO’s New Generation GT-3600 Offers Exclusive New G22 Operating System (01-09)





2008 Press Releases

GOMACO’s GHP-2800 and GP-2600 Pavers Now Feature the Exclusive G22 Operating System (08-08)

GOMACO’s Commander III Features New Roller Frame for Easy Width Adjustments (08-08)

New Right-Side or Left-Side Pour Capable GOMACO GT-3200 To Be Introduced at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2008 (02-08)

GOMACO To Introduce New RCC Paver At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2008... A New Paver For A New Kind Of Concrete (02-08)

The GOMACO C-750 Finishes Concrete Up To 156 Feet (47.5 m) Wide In A Single Pass (01-08)





2007 Press Releases

GT-3400 Named To Construction Equipment's Top 100 Products Of 2007 (12-07)

GOMACO's New G22 Takes Controls To The Next Step At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2008 (12-07)

Two Named To Better Roads Top 50 Rollouts For 2007 (11-07)

GOMACO Commander III Wins Two ‘Contractor's Choice’ Awards (06-07)

Canal Equipment to Slipform 20 Meters Wide in a Single Pass (04-07)

The New Remote-Controlled GT-3400 Curb and Gutter Machine with Right-Side or Left-Side Pour Capabilities (For Bauma 2007) (03-07) - Also available in French, German, Italian & Spanish

GOMACO Introduces the New GT-3400 – There’s Nothing Remotely Like It... (01-07)

GHP-2800 Project Receives NPHQ 2005 Gold Level Award (01-07)





2006 Press Releases

Better Roads 50 Top Rollouts For 2006 (12-06)

Skewed Tining Added to the Longitudinal and Transverse Capabilities of GOMACO Texture/Cure Machines (11-06)

GOMACO Receives Interstate ‘Pioneer’ Award From ARTBA-TDF (06-06)

GOMACO GP-2600 Is A ‘Contractors Choice’ (04-06)